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After working many years in the outpatient physical therapy world, Motogenix owner, Shayne Cleary, wanted a change for her patients. The health care system has been failing patients and the providers. Most outpatient clinics have Physical Therapists treating up to 16 patients a day. The clinic often feels rushed, and most therapist are only able to see patients for 20 minutes before they are shuffled over to a tech who would take them through “exercises.”

Motogenix offers their patients not only a better experience but also the undivided attention of your doctor for your full 60 minute visit.  This allows for patients to improve their health quicker as well as have a better understanding of the problem and how to prevent future injury.

Dr. Shayne Cleary PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, President & Owner

Dr. Shayne Cleary has been working in the outpatient physical therapy industry for almost 10 years seeing a wide variety of patients from young athletes to elderly athletes and everything in between.

Her main focus has been with clients who are focused on staying healthy, getting back into activities they love to do and living a better life through focus on maintaining a healthy and strong body.

Doctor of Physical Therapy University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at  Indiana University

Manual Therapy Certified (University of Saint Augustine), Level 2 Trigger point Dry needling, Pelvic Floor Level 3, Post-partum, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Level 2, Applied Functional Science

Dr. Michelle LeWan, PT

Physical Therapist
Dr. Michelle LeWan has been working in outpatientorthopaedic and sports medicine physical therapy industry since 2007. She has worked with various orthopaedic conditions but herstrongest interests include working with runners; patients with hip conditions,and being able to use hands on techniques. Education:Doctor of Physical Therapy Northwestern University -2006Bachelor of Science in Biology Loyola University - 2004Evidence in Motion Orthopaedic residency - 2013

Megan Stavriotis

Head of Business Affairs

Megan leads business operations, coordination, customer service and technology solutions for Motogenix Concierge Physical Therapy.   Megan has a background in finance, real estate, consulting and business development. She has her BS in Finance from Miami University.

Do you take insurance?

Motogenix Concierge Physical Therapy does NOT take insurance, it is considered an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. Motogenix Concierge Physical Therapy operates under the “Direct pay Model”

What is the Direct Pay Model?

Cost of care is due before treatment session. With the direct pay model, it allows us to circumvent the insurance companies dictating the quality of care provided. You will always be seen by a physical therapist one on one for a full 60 minutes.

How do I know if I have out-of-network benefits?

Simply ask your health insurance the following questions:

Do I have an out-of-network deductible? Have I met my deductible this year? Is there paperwork that must be filled out when submitting the out of network claims? If so, do you provide the paperwork? Do I need to be pre-certified for PT sessions in order to receive services of PT

If I have out-of-network benefits, how will I get reimbursed?

We will take the hassle out for you and provide the insurance company with the paperwork for you to be reimbursed.

How long are the sessions?

The treatment session are typically 60 minutes

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