Why Concierge Service?

We will help you meet your wellness, performance and/or healing goals!
Shayne Cleary
October 28, 2020

Many have asked me, “why would anyone come out of pocket for physical therapy? Is there really any REAL benefits to concierge?”  

My response is always, always, overwhelmingly “YES!”

After working in the typical outpatient clinic, I became quite frustrated with the healthcare system. I was seeing on average 12 patients per day, which, honestly, was low compared to some other clinics where a physical therapist was seeing 16-20 patients per day.  

Think about that. 

The clinic always felt rushed, crowded and generic. 

The one size fits all method should NEVER apply to healthcare. 

In a typical outpatient physical therapy clinic, the client is only seen for about 15-20 minutes with their treating physical therapist before they are handed over to a physical therapy tech to take them through basic exercises.  While these techs are wonderful, they do not have the expertise or experience of your Physical Therapist and can hardly offer any guidance to the patient, resulting in the patient feeling neglected to perform their exercises.   The most alarming part is that the patient is often not performing their exercises correctly, so they are not truly healing the way they should.

I have heard patients state “why am I even here”. And they are right -your time is valuable!

Why waste an hour of your time if you are only going to be seen for 15 minutes and then spend the rest of the 45 minutes on generic exercises that are not specific to your needs or goals?

Unfortunately, this is happening because of the nature of insurance companies as well as the drive for profitability of the physical therapy clinics. Many big chained physical therapy clinics are owned by private equity companies whose sole priority is to make the most profits they can.  

For all these reasons, concierge physical therapy is the way to go.  Our top priority is not big profits, our top priority is YOU, the patient and getting you back to the things you love to do!

Concierge service provides more individualized, wholistic care. As a concierge provider we will save you time by coming to your home or office to provide one on one 60 minute treatment sessions. Each session assesses your movement and target goals.  Not only that, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have.  

For example, you woke up and you back is killing...what to do?  Call your concierge PT, they can walk you through some stretches and exercise to get you back to feeling good!   

DO NOT settle for a generic treatment plan, you deserve better than that!